Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Dear Lula Rae: I can't believe so much of my pregnancy has gone by without documentation, but I hope maybe one day when you have your own family (if you want to!) you will understand how busy things can get! After my last post, we found out (much to my surprise!) that we would be welcoming a baby girl! Parker was so sure you were a girl from the very beginning- I should have just believed him! I'm sure you'll hear this story for the rest of your life, but Parker is actually the one who picked out your name. You'll see family pictures he drew starting at around 2 years old that include his baby sister, Lula. When we found out a baby sister was on the way, it only seemed right that you be Lula, since apparently you have been with us all along. :) Your middle name is after my best friend, your Auntie Leah Rae, whom I have been friends with for over 20 years now. I hope if you read this at some point that you already know her well. If only she didn't live way across the country in Oregon! Right now I'm sitting at my desk, two weeks from my due date, having wrapped up all loose ends and simply counting the hours until I am blessed with some sign of labor! This pregnancy has been harder on me physically than the first time through, and though I love you dearly and have cherished this time with you in my belly, I'm ready for you to come out so I can admire you face to face! :) Just like when we were expecting Parker, I have the feeling that I have no way to understand the many wonderful ways you will change and enhance our lives. I'm sure it will be a wonderful, joy-filled rollercoaster. All of us are so excited to hold you and kiss you and welcome you to our family. Mimi and Papa will be coming down right after your arrival, and then Grandma and Grandpa will follow shortly after from Oregon. I'm sure we will have many friends and family members coming to see our sweet new addition! Your room is ready, and we are too, so feel free to come on out! Well, I'd better get back to getting things in order here in my office, but wanted to fit in at least one more post before your grand arrival. We love you darling daughter and can't wait to look into your eyes and rock you to sleep. Love, Mom

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